Friday, October 9, 2009

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I've got myself a fine classic case of ennui. I dont see any reason to do anything. The garden is in and the weather is changing. I should be winterizing the yard so the chickens can free range. I should be enthusiastically building the pieces for our one night halloween show. I should be doing fall cleaning in preparation for being stuck indoors for nine months. I should be painting in the studio and trying to line up shows for the winter and spring ( although this seems really pointless because noone is buying art right now.... the first casualty of an economic downturn is always the arts). I should be working on my web site. But I honestly just dont care. I'm not depressed.... for all you big pharma junkies out there who will send me emails with the latest drone drugs you are on... dont bother.... I'm not taking any of them. During the coming zombie apocolypse,(yes jimmy has convinced me that there will be one) I plan on being one of the real people still alive and fighting for survival of the human race. If I can get over the ennui. Seriously, all I want to do right now is play tiger woods golf and watch dvd's of SG1. I have a theory about this. I have been thinking hard about getting a loom an honest to goodness loom. I've also been thinking about sewing. So maybe my cycles are getting more in tune with the old ways of doing things. There was a lot of work to do this summer and fall with the urban farming around here. But its all done. The garage is overflowing with jars of yummy goodness and drying things hanging from the ceiling. The coop has been cleaned and a nice layer of litter put down. Firewood is stacked high and ready to burn. The winter box.... growing beautifully and needs no assist from me. So, maybe I am just switching gears. Moving slowly into dark winter days mode. I wish it would hurry though.... I'm starting to feel guilty about two weeks of doing nothing. I need me some inspiration.

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