Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Proposition 1 was throwing nickels in a fountain and 'wishing' for results

Seattles Proposition 1 failed yesterday....Now theres a surprise (facetious...yes). One council member said he has no idea why it failed....... Well councilman.....Heres your answer....It was bloated , out of control, convoluted and produced no immediate results. The potential for abuse of the tax base was all over it. Oh and nobody who voted for/against it would be still be working when and if any results ever actualized. The citizens of Western WA are smarter and better informed than their representatives. When we hear "Monies raised locally will stay local"....We hear "Redmond and Bellvue will have great roads and bridges with expensive and elaborate art designs to make driving easier and more attractive for the affluent crowd ........West and south Seattleites will get more buses and they will cut a lane or 2 on the artials to put in grassy medians (so it will look like they are doing something)because public transit is for poor people. As for north Seattle ...Well we saw what they did with the taxpayors money there. Medians/ Catwalks that for the most part are unused.....yeah its prettier but I'm still sittin in traffic. (I'd love to see the accident stats on the u-turns we are now forced into) You people (the architectsof the proposition ) must not be driving on the roads. Going north through town, the one lane exits to other highways is a big bottleneck (ever watch the battle to get on the express lanes?) trying to get south....the one lane exit to the 520 is a nightmare. You folks need some kind of problem solving workshop. We ALL see the big picture.......its a mess! Councilman.....We need you to see and tackle the major tangles ONE AT A TIME. start with the biggest problems and work your way out from there. And when you do that............We will give you the money you need to accomplish the task........until are not getting a nickel!

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